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Server Management

Various types of administrative or technical operations are in place to control or provide access to physical and virtual servers. Server monitoring allows performance to be improved and optimized.

Network Management

Processes, tools, and applications are used to manage, control, and protect the network infrastructure. Network management also includes performance management and fault analysis. The main purpose of network management is to ensure the proper and efficient operation of the infrastructure.

Helpdesk Support

It is a centralized service that provides communication with employees and customers within or outside the company using software. Tracks, classifies and solves problems faced by customers

Security Systems

The security of the systems is ensured by physical, technical and administrative controls. Many services such as video surveillance cameras, CCTV systems, access control systems (card readers, electronic installation devices, turnstiles, etc.); network type servers and distributors; installation of cables is provided.

System Management

System Management covers a wide range of IT functions aimed at protecting or improving infrastructure, networking, applications, services, and OS. The main tasks consist of collecting system requirements; purchase and configuration of hardware and software; creating processes to solve problems; and monitoring the performance of IT systems.


Trans Caspian Hubit offers a wide range of services such as hardware and software support, installation of information systems and server infrastructure, network devices, server equipment management and control, system administration, network management, risk assessment and solutions.

Online Service!

You can ask any questions about the company and/or its services using the chat room or contact information. Questions are answered on the spot or as soon as possible.


Technical Support!

Technical issues can be solved by phone, remote session or directly in your office depending on the type of incoming calls and inquiries. Thus, you can get efficient and qualitative technical support without interruption in your business


Experienced Professionals!

Our IT specialists test, install, repair and monitor hardware and software of servers, networks and computer systems. Employees are trained about proper use of network and computer.



The collaboration of professionals, processes, information, technology and other resources allows us to demonstrate our IT skills.

  • System management
  • Installation of servers
  • Network management
  • Automated systems
  • Helpdesk support



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